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William R. Short was born in Syracuse, NY, USA. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and was awarded the degrees of Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctor of Science, all in Electrical Engineering.

Dr. William R. Short

Dr. Short joined Bose Corporation, where he was a Bose Fellow, working in the fields of acoustics, audio electronics, and psychoacoustics, with forays into broadcasting, cinema sound, nuclear physics, automobile suspensions, and others. Dr. Short holds 24 United States Patents and many foreign patents in these fields. Dr. Amar G. Bose and Dr. Short shared the Inventor of the Year Award for their development of the technology used in the Bose Acoustic Wave® music system and Bose Wave® Radio.

Bose and Short inventors of the year
Dr. Short and Dr. Bose with the first Wave® product.

Dr. Short became interested in the Sagas of Icelanders and other medieval Icelandic literature. He took summer courses in Iceland and began to do independent research in this field, joining Hurstwic and guiding their combat training and research, conducted at Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, MA, USA, where he eventually became a fellow at the museum.

Dr. Short with medieval saga manuscript
Dr. Short with the oldest surviving manuscript
of Grettis saga.

Hurstwic cast and crew
Hurstwic cast and crew at the close of location filming in Iceland for The Final Battle of Grettir the Strong.

In 1997, Dr. Short left Bose Corporation to work full-time on research related to the Viking-age. He is an author, filmmaker, lecturer, and independent scholar, and he is the manager of Hurstwic, LLC. He has written several books, created several film, regularly lectures internationally on Viking-related topics from university level to elementary school level, and developed the innovative Hurstwic® Viking Combat Training program.

Dr. Short with historical Ulfberht sword
Dr. Short with an Ulfberht sword from the Viking age.


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