Hurstwic® Viking Combat Training
Volume 2:
Advanced Viking Training

Hurstwic DVD volume 2

Advanced instruction in the fighting moves of the Vikings

Regardless of your past training, the material on this DVD can help you to grow to become a stronger Viking fighter.

The program begins with a short introduction to the mindset of the Viking warrior, the unwritten code that guided his behavior in battle as it guides us in our practice.

We move to the practice room and build on the material taught in Volume 1 of this series with more drills and exercises to enhance your skills as a Viking fighter. We show you more advanced drills for improving your movement, your cutting, and your defense with a shield. We teach you more grappling drills and show you some throws. We introduce you to the art of throwing weapons, and we finish with sparring, the true test of your skills. We show you dozens of new sparring drills, exercises, and scenarios you can use in your training.

Join us in our practice of Viking-age fighting moves. Use the material on this DVD to grow as a Viking fighter.

  • widescreen video DVD-R

  • English-language stereo audio

  • 65 minute run-time

  • region-free

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Topics covered include:

Chapter 1: Introduction Hurstwic DVD chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2: The Warrior Code of the Vikings Hurstwic DVD chapter 2 warrior code
Chapter 3: Advanced Training Methodologies Hurstwic DVD chapter 3 advanced training methodologies
Chapter 4: Footwork and Movement Hurstwic DVD chapter 4 movement
Chapter 5: Cutting to the Pell Hurstwic DVD chapter 5 pell cutting
Chapter 6: Cutting to Focus Pads Hurstwic DVD chapter 6 cutting to pads
Chapter 7: Shield Use Hurstwic DVD volume 7 shield bind
Chapter 8: Grappling Hurstwic DVD chapter 8 grappling
Chapter 9: Projectiles Hurstwic DVD chapter 9 projectiles
Chapter 10: Sparring Hurstwic DVD chapter 10 sparring
Chapter 11: Concluding Remarks Hurstwic DVD chapter 11 concluding remarks


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